Sunday, August 10, 2008


a. Medellin update... Blog entry Medellin (on March 29th) reviewed the Supreme Court's Medellin v. Texas decision... Well, August 5th the state of Texas went ahead and executed José E. Medellín by lethal injection...

b. Blog entry 'Rogue's Gallery #2' (from March 26th) included information on that perennial survivor and chameleon, Walid Jumblatt. Well, as circumstances have changed, so has Walid... While not buying the "break with March 14th scenario", it is clear that he has at the least nuanced his position and started to cozy up more to his erstwhile opponents.

Walid Jumblatt's About Face.

c. 'Benazir Bhutto follow-up...' (from February 9th) wondered if it really was such a good idea asking for a U.N. investigation into Benazir Bhutto's murder similar to the Hariri investigation, given that investigation's timeline and apparent lack of progress. Well, July 11 the U.N. agreed in principle to conduct an investigation of Bhutto's death. Meanwhile the Hariri investigation muddles on....

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