Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Psst, buddy...

Per Raymond J Leary, author and "scholar"

"According to news reports yesterday, members of OPEC alone glommed in $645 Billion (Euro 430 Billion) for the first six months of this year. Not only have oil consumers been gorged to the hilt, we have been reduced to being supplicants of the oil producers. Every day we are being fed the unceasing lesson from the same hymnal, that oil is running out "tomorrow," come and get it while you still can, not unlike 1855 when Samuel Kier's Rock Oil patent medicine made from Pennsylvania crude oil touted to cure everything from diarrhea, rheumatism, ringworm to deafness, solemnly cautioning buyers, "Hurry Before This Wonderful Product is Depleted from Nature's Laboratory." This while The Peak Oil Pranksters are ever ready to carry the message for the oil patch both here and everywhere working near overtime to heighten our anxieties about oil supply, programming us to pay ever more to the oil barons and sheiks.

But wait, suppose, just suppose they are wrong and willfully misleading us. That oil's origins are not, to repeat, not biological, according to the gospel we have been taught to believe. That in effect oil originates from deep carbon deposits dating to the very beginnings of the Earth's formation in quantities vastly greater than commonly thought. The very presence of methane in the solar system is cited as one of the key underpinnings of this theory's seriousness. Then by seepage through the earth's mantle, Abiotic oil becomes in essence a renewing resource migrating toward the Earth's crust until it escapes to the surface..."

Oil's Big Dirty Secret as Producers Rake in Hundreds of Billions

The proof? Developed by "a bevy of Russian and Ukranian geologists starting during the Soviet era..."

Psst, buddy, this blogger wants to let you know about serious advances in crop technology and genetics, suppressed by greedy companies that are willfully misleading us while glomming billions from the poor consumer! The proof? Developed by a Ukranian agronomist during the Soviet era, Trofim Lysenko... (sarcasm alert!!)

Trofim Lysenko - Wikipedia
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