Sunday, August 10, 2008


Photo credit: AP
Apparently other things besides weapons are smuggled via tunnels from Egypt into the Gaza strip, including animals for the 'Heaven of Birds and Animals Zoo.' AP reports that "... monkeys and lions were drugged, tossed into cloth sacks and dragged through smuggling tunnels under the border..." This blogger can't imagine the poor conditions that these animals must live in, especially given the conditions that have to be endured by the population of what is essentially "the world's largest prison."

Hopefully the latest batch of lion cubs will fare better than Sabrina, a female lion cub that was donated by Egypt in 2005, then stolen from the zoo at gunpoint, before being recovered by Hamas in 2007...

Not just guns: Gazans smuggle lions into zoo
Hamas force returns stolen lion, minus claws and teeth, to Gaza zoo

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