Monday, August 18, 2008


After Dennis Quaid's twins had a close call with a heparin med error, the Quaids set up a foundation "to try to do something about this pervasive, yet solvable problem (med errors)." Earlier, after their child died following a series of errors in Florida, the Ferreros set up a foundation in memory of their child. Several years ago, after their child died (also from a med error), the Kings set up a foundation in her memory to fight the scourge of med errors.

OK, so perhaps having a foundation in one's child's name may be part of the grieving process and making sense of it all, but it seems to this blogger that perhaps it might be better to funnel the funds, efforts, and resources into an already existing foundation (to concentrate efforts, avoid duplication of overhead, etc.) rather than every family starting their own. When Warren Buffet looked to donate a large part of his fortune to good work, he gave it to the Gates Foundation rather than setting up a Buffet Foundation...

Dennis Quaid Acts on Medical Errors
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The Quaid Foundation
Sebastian Ferrero Foundation
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