Monday, August 25, 2008


1. Kashmir (2002 reprint) gave a brief background on the problem of Kashmir. Well, the area has been on the boil for the last few weeks:

Kashmir Flashpoint: In Depth (BBC Special Report)
The Future of Kashmir?
Perspectives on Kashmir

2. Some further articles on oil prices (without comment or endorsement):

Are Oil Prices Rigged?
Oil Speculators Cost Consumers $31 Billion this Summer (Rep. Ed Markey)
TIME Blames Speculators: "We Are Slaves To This Black Gold Standard"
Past Its Peak

3. The blog entries Caste & Frame of Reference spoke to the horror of casteism and poverty in India. A couple of links on the subject:

Exploring India's Prosperity Through the Eyes of the Invisible Men
Verse for classmate gets Dalit boy death

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