Friday, August 29, 2008


On January 24th 2004 this blogger wrote re Howard Dean's "Munch" moment. "Much has been made about Howard Dean's speech to his supporters after coming in third in the Iowa caucuses. Or, more accurately, "the scream." Apparently this was "unpresidential" (unlike President Bush's "Fuck Saddam. we're taking him out") and Dean is now "unelectable." Two points: First, I thought it was great that a candidate actually felt comfortable enough to let go a primal screen, as opposed to sticking to speeches and sound bites carefully calibrated by political consultants.. Second, if there is anything that will hurt Dean's electability it is the fact that he is rather short! And if unelectable, he will be in good company in the U.S. - including all women, all minorities, anyone fat and/or short, and all single males....."

If the Democratic nominee for president Barack Obama is elected in October then this blogger will have to revise his list of "unelectables." However, the list of "unelectable" characteristics remains very long!