Friday, July 11, 2008

At last (Lebanon)!

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Finally, after many weeks of haggling and back and forth, agreement was reached and a Lebanese cabinet has been hammered out! Let’s see how they get along until the elections in 2009!
Prime Minister Fouad Siniora’s announcement:

The national unity government is a government for all of Lebanon, and is tasked with restoring confidence in the nation, which fortifies coexistence, the Lebanese people's faith in one another, justice, and love.

Disagreements will not dissolve overnight, and we must manage all crises with respect for the constitution and coexistence.

The task of this government is also to hold the next parliamentary elections in transparency and in a way that secures justice and proper representation... and peaceful competition.

The statute of this government is to serve the interests of citizens faithfully... to restore some of the faith that has been lost over the past years.

The new government will seek to ensure security and economic growth and stability, and look out for people's livelihoods and incomes... as part of sustainable development.

In spite of everything we have been through, all the difficulties and challenges, we will start work as one team as the Lebanese desire.

Dialogue within cabinet is important and essential in light of all the different points of view... [Lebanon] will not adopt the language of the street and resorting to violence again.

Lebanon is facing two options: either to go into the unknown, or to form a government, move beyond this stage and to return to normal life. The choice is between personal interests and the interests of Lebanon, and the Lebanese chose the latter.

Lebanon will emerge from this crisis stronger and regain the confidence of its Arab brothers and friends in the world.

I believe in a fixed and firm relationship between Lebanon and Syria, but they must be cordial and mutually respectful relations between two independent entities, not
between a major country while the other is still considered a minor.

This government is one hundred percent nationally produced.

Siniora hails the unity cabinet 'for all of Lebanon'

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Updated July 12th: Meet the government has profiles of each cabinet member...

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