Saturday, July 26, 2008

Grotesque too...

Setting aside the facts of the case and its history, DNA from the crime exists and is available for testing. For what possible reason would the Alabama Governor resist having the DNA testing done? If it comes back a match he gets to say "I told you so" and continue with the execution. If it does not then he avoids the judicial 'murder' of an innocent (only of this crime) man. Apparently he would rather risk the latter...

No doubt, at the end of the day the good governor goes home, kisses his wife and children, pats his dog, says his prayers before going to bed, etc., a "good" and "just" man, and upstanding member of the community! It is examples like this that makes this blogger hope that there is a hell for this person to wake up in (should he be wrong).

Despite Doubts, Alabama Man Faces Execution
An Easy Death Penalty Decision for Alabama's Governor Bob Riley

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    It appears the DNA might not be there so it might not be testable. Bob Riley is allegedly a decent man from those I know that know him. I'm wondering if he knew the rape kit was MIA. That might make hell an even more appropriate destination. Thanks for the linky love! John