Friday, February 4, 2011

Dane-Elec pen follow-up

The Nov 11, 2008 blog entry 'Dane-Elec Zpen' reviewed the same and found it to be a decent product. Having had it sitting in a drawer for the past several months, this blogger pulled it out for some note-taking at a lecture. No joy! The pen showed no signs of life, even after being plugged into the computer to recharge for several hours...

Opened it up by removing the four screws holding it together (see below), exchanged the rechargeable battery, closed it back up, and was back in action in a jiff!

Some googling revealed that this might be a common issue, and that folks have had this issue with brand new pen purchases! YMMV, but for me this has always worked rather well, especially given the cheap price (now under $40)

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