Thursday, June 19, 2008

NSA, DIA, CIA, and Mister MIA (updated)

Coming, courtesy of many of the same players that brought us the Military Commissions Act (parts of which were recently overruled by the SCOTUS), a one-sided “compromise” on surveillance and telecom immunity… Glenn Greenwald has the gory details of some of the worst parts of the bill, plus an expose of the Democratic leadership that has midwifed this monstrosity… Follow the links, unless you have just eaten!

George Bush's latest powers, courtesy of the Democratic Congress
Obama, telecoms and the Beltway system
Democrats Side With Republicans To Shield Telecoms 

OK, so where’s the candidate of “change”**? Perhaps he can start his quest to “end the current politics as usual”** … “by telling the truth – forcefully, repeatedly, confidently….”** with respect to this bill! This is… “a defining moment in history”,** … time to “stand up” **

Hello, hello, … ello, llo, lo, o, is anyone there? Oops, he’s MIA so far. Eventually a nicely crafted and critical statement will be forthcoming, very carefully calibrated to not contain any very strong language. Actual action? Not so much. Actually rallying the Democrats, reaching across the aisle to build coalitions with Republicans, showing real leadership? Nah, that would require him sticking his neck out!

** Note: trite and saccharine slogans copyright Obama’08

Updated June 20th:  This blogger was wrong - Senator Obama did not come out and criticize this "compromise" while doing nothing to oppose it. He criticized the compromise while saying he supports it and will work in the Senate to change the immunity portion. Don’t hold your breath!

Updated June 21st: Glenn Greenwald opines - Obama's support for the FISA "compromise"

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