Saturday, June 7, 2008

The human spirit

Amazing, how in the worst of circumstances the human spirit asserts itself. A couple of examples:

1. Devastated by its civil war (that ended in 1996), Liberia's transportation system was in shambles. Most of the railways had closed and much of the track was dug up and sold as scrap. However, in a testament to the indomitable human spirit the "Make-a-way" sprung up. A NPR report from February 2002 brought the story to light… “… there’s even a union for the Makeaway employees and it pays the Make-a-way’s inventor a monthly royalty for his idea…” Amazing!

2. In Baghdad a group of guys inspired by Metallica and other bands start their own heavy metal band, Acrassicauda. A movie has been made about their story – conditions under Saddam, playing in the post-Saddam era, their flight to Syria and then Turkey…

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