Monday, June 30, 2008


In previous posts this blogger followed along as events unfolded in Zimbabwe (see Updates on June 12th; How stupid can one be? Answer: Very #7 on May 31st; Updates #1 on May 10th; and Can it be? on April 2nd; Updates #2 on June 12th; and Updates on June 20th). On June 29th Robert Gabriel Mugabe was declared the “winner” of the second round of voting, with 85.51% of the vote cast.

Seems appropriate for him to be named Gabriel, both archangel and the angel of death, given the destruction he has wrought on Zimbabwe… Many lives taken, many lives lost, the economy ruined, incredible inflation (e.g. the MDC secretary-general Tendai Biti, charged with treason, was released on bail of 1 trillion Zimbabwe dollars – less than $100 US!), and hunger making a comeback.

Robert Mugabe’s thugs shout: ‘Let’s kill the baby’

Voters hope ink-stained finger will keep them alive
Mugabe declared winner in sham poll

Defiant Mugabe sworn in as president, again

Note: Angel of death statue from the grave of the Haserot family in Ohio...

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