Sunday, June 8, 2008

Miscellaneous Obama-related items...

1. Rue89 asks why Barack Obama is considered black, (in French) see:

2. A San Francisco journalist wonders if he is "an enlightened being."

3. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) hyperventilated/hyperbolized, and managed to turn what is certainly an important milestone in U.S. history into the second coming of Christ, saying "What Barack Obama has accomplished is the single most extraordinary event that has occurred in the 232 years of the nation’s political history. ... The event itself is so extraordinary that another chapter could be added to the Bible to chronicle its significance.”

Black lawmakers emotional about Obama's success

4. "Germans are intoxicated by Barack Obama's political message."

5. When this blogger received his latest Economist it had this cover:

This blogger was worried that the folks at The Economist might also have gone off the rails... They say:

"Both candidates have their flaws and their admirable points; the doughty but sometimes cranky old warrior makes a fine contrast with the inspirational but sometimes vaporous young visionary. Voters now have those five months to study them before making up their minds (and The Economist will be doing the same). But, on the face of it, this is the most impressive choice America has had for a very long time."

Aargh, how could they believe that a McCain/Obama matchup is the best the U.S. has to offer?? This blogger hopes their emphasis is on the the "very long time" modifier, that they are simply indulging in some mild hyperbole, and that they continue to put out the single best magazine available!

America at its best

6. There are some skeptics out there, see links below:

Is Obama running for the office of Chief Shaman?
The Obama Craze: Count Me Out

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