Sunday, June 29, 2008

Gaza - tahdi'ah & Qassams

On June 19th Israel and Hamas implemented a “truce” (tahdi'ah). A few quiet days passed, then came the violations. Despite the breaches the ceasefire is officially holding, though on life support. The U.S. denounces the Qassam rockets fired into Israel, and holds the Hamas government in Gaza responsible. Unfortunately it wasn’t Hamas that fired the rockets , but the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades… a part of al-Fatah… One waits in vain for Secretary Rice, President Bush, or even Senators Obama (who wrote to the President calling for the United States to “continue to isolate Hamas”) or McCain to criticize that “man of peace” Mahmud Abbas…

In Gaza and Israel, a Wary Quiet
As Gaza cease-fire holds, Israel eases economic blockade
Obama letter to President Bush on Gaza
Gaza truce 'violated repeatedly'
UN: Israel violated truce 7 times in one week
Hamas: Continued rocket fire by Fatah armed group harms Palestinian interests

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