Sunday, November 16, 2008

Studies of Interest - IV

Provider of audit, finance, consulting, tax, and risk management services, Deloitte has produced 'Industry Compass 2.0' - a framework to look at the forces shaping healthcare. From their web site - this framework:

"... goes beyond traditional industry boundaries to help examine dynamic zones of impact and make sense of complex transformations across six drivers of change. Our Compass map provides a framework for discussing how potential trends and issues might interact over the coming decade and how your organization might respond to or even co-create the future... Industry Compass 2.0 is a visual guide designed to help you think about, plan for and navigate the future in an engaging and constructive way. It supports strategic analysis and planning around the puzzling grid of potential trends and issues confronting life sciences companies, health care providers, health plans and other stakeholders in the coming decade. The major elements of the Compass map – Drivers, Impact Zones, Trends, Signals, Hurdles, Landmarks and Artifacts – provide a framework for discussing how the elements might interact and how your organization might navigate the future ..."

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