Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Say what?

Joe, Lieberman that is, retained his chairmanship of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, when Senate Democrats voted 42-13 in favor of this. Sentiment to punish Lieberman ran high after the election as Democrats increased their razor thin majority and no longer needed Lieberman to be the majority party... However this effort suddenly ran out of steam when President-elect Barack Obama's Chief of Staff publicly announced that Obama would not get involved in the issue, while sotto voce Obama signaled to Democratic leaders that he was not in favor of punishing Lieberman...

Say what? Perhaps this blogger's a purist on this, but he doesn't understand why Senate Democrats are making their decision on a purely Senate-related matter based on President-elect Obama's preference. Seems simple - Obama, now executive; Senate, legislative. Granted, it's a small thing, but part of the problem of the past eight years has been an unhealthy deference on the part of the House and Senate towards the Presidency. Once upon a time Senators were zealous in their defense of their prerogatives and independence of action; lately, not so much! Regardless of the fact that they are the same party, the Senators should have ignored President-elect Obama on this issue! (Note: since he had publicly announced that he was neutral and had no position on the matter doing this would not have been any sort of rebuke or falling out...)

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