Thursday, November 13, 2008


The No Happy Ending entry on the Slope of Hope blog is a good illustration of two things:
  • The point of the blog entry i.e. evidence that the market and economy were at a frothy "top" was well evident in advance of the collpase (the accompanying chart of GOOG prices in great...)
  • Then, if you move to the comments, you get a perfect illustration of a point made in the 'All atwitter about something' entry i.e. "... Many of the new communication technology improvements that have come along have 'democratized' communication and made it much easier to do. Unfortunately, as it becomes easier for everyone to use the latest technology to communicate, it becomes harder to separate the wheat from the chaff! ... It just seems to this blogger that the percentage of chaff that one has to dig through to get to the few scattered wheat grains is now up to over 99% plus ..."

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