Thursday, November 27, 2008

Quick thoughts on Mumbai

Following news coverage on the events in Mumbai this blogger really doesn't 'get' a couple of things. First, many of those providing commentary go on ad nauseam re the sophistication of the attacks, and how they must have been very well-planned and practiced (example)... Huh? How hard could it have been to pick the public targets they chose? To randomly open fire with automatic weapons at everyone while throwing grenades? Apparently the terrorists had also schlepped in, but then never used, a large quantity of RDX high explosive! This doesn't seem very clever or sophisticated... And asking potential victims if they have British or American passports? Doesn't seems like a very useful tactic! Second, were the terrorists really targeting British and Americans? One has to say that if this was a major goal of theirs then they failed rather spectacularly, at least based on the information released thus far re their victims. So far 125 declared dead, of which only six are foreigners (including a Briton, a Japanese, a German, and an Australian, and an Italian). In this blogger's mind both of these assumptions seem very suspect.

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