Saturday, July 9, 2011

Additional BB QR readers - XVIII

Another BB QR code reader is Qrem by Cornplay, that claims "QRem can convert anything to QR code and scan any QR code... QRem is fully integrated with your BlackBerry. Most core applications (Contacts, Calendar, Messages, Browser, Phone, MemoPad, Maps) have "Show QR code" menu item. Select it and you will see an instant QR code for the selected item..."

A quick download and I was testing it, using the QR Code Quality Standards Test v1.02 It worked as advertised for most QR codes, including 'phone', 'SMS', 'url', 'geo', and other QR code variants... Note: Qrem does not take photos and decode from there, but reads the QR codes directly.

Some very dense 'vcard' QR codes did not read e.g. Test case 12.1 The application didn't fail graciously either, but kept scanning until I got tired of holding my phone up to the QR code.

Some QR codes were read but then were treated as free text and put into the BB's Memo application e.g. 'WiFi', 'vevent' and 'MECARD' QR codes, e.g. see below:

Like BizBarcode and Barcode Assistant, Qrem also can generate QR codes. You can type in and generate a QR code, or alternatively you can use the 'Show QR code' menu entry it adds to the Blackberry's applications, e.g. see examples below. However, unlike BizBarcode and Barcode Assistant you can not save, send, etc. the generated QR code.

QRem stores your history on-BB, and you can 'rerun' them or generate QR codes...

The bottom line? A very respectable QR reader... While not particularly fast it handles most flavors of QR codes fairly well, and can generate QR codes as well. Still, not quite at the level of Barcode Assistant or Bizbarcode, which remain the best.

Note: Tested on my current BB, a Torch.

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