Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bush, Obama, Islam, and Vlad the Impaler

After the bombing in Oslo and the mass murder at the Youth Camp on Utøya Island in Norway, folks are studying up on the perp, one Anders Behring Breivik (a.k.a Andrew Berwick). Apparently he posted a 12-minute video manifesto to the Web, in addition to a 1,500 plus page written manifesto. Although YouTube yanked the video, it is available in a number of locations, including here. The following are some screen captures from his video:

Here are some of his enemies and what he is fighting against... Apparently the Marxists actually won (although the U.S.S.R succumbed to the cold war); the multiculturalists assisting Islam's takeover of Europe include both U.S. Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama; and he has a grudge against the media, most especially the BBC!

His heroes apparently include Vlad "The Impaler"...

Were it not for the actions and resulting bloodshed that all this lead to, it could easily have been dismissed as the overwrought ramblings of an immature, fevered mind... No longer.

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