Sunday, July 10, 2011

Additional BB QR readers - XIX

Another BB QR code reader is QR Scan Now, at $0.99, "... Scan fast with QR Scan Now. Just press the app icon and point your BlackBerry camera at a QR Code. QR Scan Now starts scanning and reads the QR code. It then places the results on your screen. You can then open it if it is a web link, call a number if it is a telephone number, copy it to the clipboard or even make a new MemoPad note from it with just one-click..."

A quick download and I was testing it, using the QR Code Quality Standards Test v1.02 When launched the application starts scanning immediately... no splash screen or main menu here... Good success with 'phone', 'sms, 'email', and 'url' QR codes.

While it did read all the QR codes, many variants could not then be used, e.g. see below for 'WiFi', 'vevent', 'geo', 'MECARD', and 'vcard' scans being unable to be processed on the BB.

The bottom line? Not a bad code reader. However, given that there are free applications that handle more QR code variants and have add additional features (e.g. BizBarcode and Barcode Assistant) I can not recommend QR Scan Now.

Note: Tested on my current BB, a Torch.

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