Sunday, May 8, 2011

BB QR readers - Biz Barcode II

Having reviewed Biz Barcode back in March 31st I found that the 'Generator' and 'Decoder' functionality worked like a charm, but where it fell down was in the 'Scanner' department. A May 5th comment by the Biz Barcode administrator acknowledge the initial deficiency, but asked me to take a second look given improvements that had been made. As a result I retested the 'Scanner' functionality (only), and found it much improved.

For testing, this time I used the QR codes at the QR Code Quality Standards Test v1.02. Whereas in my first look at Biz Barcode I had only achieved success in one of over a dozen scanning attempts, this time the success rate was very good, see below for examples:

The bottom line? Much improved, and thus now 'a contender'. However, it is still a little slow to 'acquire' the QR code, although it does read the code. Were it just a hair faster it would perhaps tie Barcode Assistant as the best all-round QR code reader I've tried on my BB!

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