Friday, May 13, 2011

The MLR saga continues

The last blog entry in March noted that there was still lots of activity swirling around the definitions and calculations of the Medical Loss Ratio, capped by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) at 80% (small groups) and 85% (large groups)...

Well the activity continues... A May 10th article, 'The Misguided War on Insurance Agents', shows that effort to 'tweak' the MLR definition still is ongoing, this time cast in a "small business" and job-friendly light....

Additionally, 'Millions Of Dollars In Consumer Rebates At Stake As States Seek to Soften Rule on Insurers’ Profits', reports that many state regulators are seeking that insurers in their states be granted variances from the requirements ("... In Florida, officials want the target set at 65 percent of revenues for three years...", and "... In Georgia, regulators have asked for targets of 65 percent this year, 70 percent next year and 75 percent in 2013. ..."), which would save insurance companies from having to reimburse approximately $95 million in premiums...

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