Sunday, May 1, 2011

Additional BB QR readers - XV

Another QR code reader available for the Blackberry (tested below on a 9800 Torch) is codeREADr. After you install the program, the first time you run the application it requires that you register on-line. At each subsequent launch the application requires that you log in with the registered username/password.

The main menu and scan menu:

OK, I then tested the reader using some of the QR codes that comprise the QR Code Quality Standards Test v1.02, with very good success. This application uses the phone camera to scan (as opposed to taking a photo that is subsequently decoded). See below for some results resolving 'phone', 'email', 'url', 'event', and 'MECARD' QR codes:

The 'Settings' menu:

Logging in to the codeREADr web site one can access the history, etc., and they do offer a number of paid plans with various features (e.g. see below). The free plan is limited to 50 scans a month (however, given the rarity of QR codes "in the wild" this is probably a pretty good number).

The bottom line?
A very robust QR code reader for the BB. The only thing keeping it from being a "top list" QR code reader for this blogger is the registration requirement (and that is just a personal peeve/preference).

Note: As of this point I have not tried codeREADr with the various 1D bar code symbologies that it apparently also supports, nor have yet used it with any of the real-time web services... The ONLY tests done have been related to reading QR codes on the device... Clearly, the database and web-service functionality puts it in a different league than some of the previous readers I have tried out and put through their paces...

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