Sunday, May 22, 2011

Additional BB QR readers - XVI

Another BB QR reader is intARact, an application which enables users to "... scan anything in the real world. QR codes, Logos, images, Logo’s on TV and hook on to the digital world. Look for videos on youtube, post comments on facebook / tweeter all by just capturing your favorite things in real world..."

OK, tried it out on several QR codes at the QR Code Quality Standards Test v1.02. This app is of the 'take a picture and decode it' type of QR reader, and had good success reading most of the QR codes, emphasis on the word 'reading.' Unfortunately that's all it did, it read and displayed what it read... but was not integrated in any way.

In other words, no dialing the phone number scanned, nor the ability to add it to your contacts... No emailing the address you have read, no ability to add it to your contacts... and so on. In fact the screen even truncated what it scanned e.g. see the geo-location and vcard examples. It was, however, able to navigate to 'url' QR codes that it read.

The bottom line? With all the other great BB QR readers out there, not worth keeping!

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