Sunday, July 24, 2011

Brief update (Afghan fauna)

Picture credit: Gallo/Getty. Full picture here...

OPED 13 - Unnoticed victims in Afghanistan, from 2002, observed that "Though you'd be hard-pressed to find it in the news, other things equally devastated by Afghanistan's decades of war are the flora, fauna, and the environment of the country. The problems these face have a direct impact on the future of the country, and their deterioration will complicate and hinder the recovery and rebuilding process..." Among the victims it noted the snow leopard, endangered because their pelts command enormous sums...

A June 27th, 2008 update noted that "... the few remaining mountain leopards left in Afghanistan face another threat -- foreigners involved in rebuilding the war-torn country..."

But now some better news: a report that the Wildlife Conservation Society has found "...a surprisingly healthy population of snow leopards... in northeastern Afghanistan’s Wakhan Corridor..."

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