Sunday, July 24, 2011

In the wild - XII

Ah, a QR code in use at the shopping mall. The QR code resolves to a mobile-friendly site, but unfortunately it is not specific enough and you first have to pick your state and the mall that you are at!

OK, once you get past that you are notified re new items and/or specials at some of the mall stores:

This could perhaps be useful... However, all in all not a very successful implementation. Apart from the wasted extra steps of having to choose city and mall (which could have been eliminated oh so easily...), if you also notice the countdown clock ("Time Left To Scan: 03 Seconds") it is because the Smart Screen then cycles through all the offers available. Why bother scanning the QR code and getting the results on your mobile phone's small screen when the large Smart Screen will soon give you the exact same information?

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