Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Failed Pope?

The blog entries listed below contained numerous examples of senior church leaders displaying a remarkable ability to have a "tin ear" and to put forth "defenses" that are beyond the pale, all in response to the growing child abuse scandal in the church. Well, the trend continues, as more and more information comes out some extremely stupid things have been said, see:

Maciel Disowned By His Own Cult
Pope has immunity in abuse trials: Vatican
Pope's preacher: Accusations akin to anti-Semitism
Cardinal defends pope, denounces "petty gossip"
Ratzinger And The Cases Of Father Teta And Father Trupia

... and in defense of the pontiff:

Pope Benedict XVI is part of the solution not the problem
Murphy Case: NYT Never Talked to Judge

Many have started calling for the resignation of the Pope. Of course this is something that is very unlikely, Pope Benedict was not elected but was chosen "by God". So, is Benedict a "failed Pope"? It's too early to write his obituary...

Helpless in the Vatican: The Failed Papacy of Benedict XVI

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