Monday, April 12, 2010

Coolbphone first look - II

After pictures of the Coolbphone unboxing, some comparison photos. Here with a Fujitsu UH900, UMID M1, BB Bold 9700, and Sharp SL-C3000:

With a SL-C3000:

With a Nokia E90 Communicator:


  1. hello, i wanted to purchase this phone, but i want to make sure additional software can be installed on this linux os. please let me know as i heard the phone comes with no instructions.

  2. Although every web site selling this says manual included, I did not get a manual and have been unable to figure out how to get to the command line, see:

    My T-Mobile SIM works just fine, but my AT&T SIM is not recognized at all...

    Good luck. If you happen to find a manual on line let me know. I've searched many times without luck, and so far no one has responded to my plea for help :(