Sunday, September 13, 2009

Health care re-form X (Cowardice)

Well by now the entire world has had multiple opportunities to see and/or read about Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) and his intemperate "you lie" during President Obama's speech on health care reform to both houses of Congress. Amazingly, his 'shout out' (which was factually incorrect) has some Democrats and the administration scurrying to further tighten up the bill!

This blogger is not impressed by the position being taken by the Democrats and the Obama administration, and by the efforts they are expending to try to appear as "tough" as the Republicans with respect to the treatment of illegal immigrants... If (economically, morally, etc.) it makes sense to have everyone covered by insurance, and that it a good idea to subsidize a certain portion of the population to ensure that this happens, then what reason is there for not covering this subset? If insurance coverage is supposed to lead to preventative care that will bring down overall costs (e.g. by reducing the use of the nation's emergency rooms for primary care, etc.) then how does legal status effect the economic argument? What sense does it make to 'cut off our nose to spite our face' to make sure that the undocumented do not 'benefit?' This is stupidity, and, dare we say it, cowardice, on the part of the administration...

The House Bill Does Cover Illegals
Obama’s Health Care Speech (
Baucus, Conrad Cave To Joe Wilson On Health Care Bill
House Progressive Whacks Conrad and Baucus for Appeasing Heckler
Illegal Immigrants Could Not Buy Insurance on New ‘Exchange,’ White House Says

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