Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Health care re-form II (P4P)

A quick observation... The President and members of Congress believe in P4P i.e. pay for performance. We know they believe in it because they speak of it passionately to physicians, teachers, and others. Did this blogger say "speak?" Nay, they veritably preach the need for and benefits of P4P. Teachers' unions that are resisting are publicly castigated for their reluctance to embrace this most obvious of concepts. Obvious... obvious...

Hmm, since these very same people are currently engaged in re-shaping 1/6th of our economy - promising more to all, combined with overall savings... and all with only a small amount of sacrifice from the super-rich - perhaps they will demonstrate their commitment to P4P by including provisions in the bill that will penalize them if their forecast of savings turns out to be a mirage??

Hello... hello... Bueller! Bueller! Cue sound of crickets...

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