Monday, May 3, 2010

Coolbphone second look

Coolbphone quick look at PC connectivity, music player, FM Radio, and TV:

Connected the Coolbphone to my (Windows) PC using a USB to mini-USB connector. First tried 'Data Sync" on the PC Connection menu, but no luck... after searching in vain for a 'Serial driver' the attempt failed. The next attempt was via the 'U-disk' choice on the menu, which turned out to provide access to the Bphone internal memory and micro-SD card. Found a PL-2303 driver installation program, so installed that on the PC, but that didn't help connect via 'Data sync' or 'Modem'... Bottom line: USB storage access only (so far at least).

Using the Media Player software, choosing the Audio tab and then 'Update play List' it auto-discovers your music files. Sound quality is pretty good...

The FM Radio function requires that the earphones be inserted to work. However, that being done, if you use the 'Research' function, the Coolbphone searches the spectrum and picks up and displays all the frequencies that have stations - you can then pick the station you want or scroll through the choices. Use the 'Loudspeaker' function and the radio will use the external speaker, though you still have to leave the headphones inserted....

Gave the TV a try. Extending the antenna, starting the program, and running 'Scan' unsurprisingly came up blank...

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  1. Have you tried setting up an ARM/Marvell development environment and crosscompiling some simple, static applications for this? I don't think there IS any software out there for it, as I've also been looking, but i haven't bitten the bullet and purchased this yet. At the very least, it looks like a fun toy to brick!