Thursday, May 20, 2010

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Source: Sino-US relations: Economic deterrence & asymmetric vulnerability. Their conclusions?

"China may emerge as the world’s largest economy by 2025 and it may be twice the size of the US by 2050. However, China faces various actual and potential challenges: increasing natural resource dependence and rising geo-political competition with “status quo” powers, weakening political legitimacy of current governance structures, environmental degradation, political and economic limits to the current investment- and export-oriented growth strategy... The Sino-US economic-financial relationship is best described as one of “asymmetric interdependence” skewed in Washington’s favour. Both sides have an interest in avoiding a broader economic conflict. However,should push ever come to shove, China would incur far greater economic and financial costs than the US. The balance of economic and financial power will only shift once China reduces its dependence on the US market..."

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