Saturday, May 1, 2010

Coolbphone - please help!

The April 12th blog entries 'Coolbphone first look - I' and 'Coolbphone first look - II' showed unboxing and size comparison pictures... An entry re how well the Coolbphone works will be fortcoming. However, one small glitch is causing issues - the Coolbphone came without a manual or any documentation of any sort! An e-mail exchange with the source has not helped, the response from the vendor being (sic) "hello , Good day , I'm so sorry to tell you ,, i checked this problem , the Bphone factory did no give us the user manual, i will continue to ask the producer if he had the user manual, then i will replay it to you soon ! Sorry." As a result this blogger is unable to figure out how to do some things, including:
  • The Coolbphone boots to the installed software, and none of the options available seems to allow one to install any other software packages or to get to the command prompt... This has stymied doing anything additional e.g. installing screen capture software...
  • The (stubby) pen that comes with the Coolbphone is a Bluetooth pen. After turning on the device's Bluetooth and initiating a search for discoverable devices it discovers the pen, but asks for the password. No manual, no idea, trying various combinations (e.g. 1234) did not get very far...
Attempts at a web search to find (gasp) an online manual, or even a user review where someone writes how they put their Coolbphone through its paces have so far proved fruitless... A Google search finds many "reviews" out there, but almost all of them seem to be reprints of the same pictures and verbiage... If anyone has any good thoughts or suggestions, or even answers.... please leave them in the comments!

Note: This blogger isn't particularly expert at Linux, but having had a Zaurus SL-C700 then SL-C3000 for a few years he knows his way around a little....

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