Thursday, January 29, 2009

Misc. updates...

1. The March 6th blog entry, Bipartisan Buffoonery, noted the political circus surrounding the DoD's decision re the next aerial tanker contract pitting Boeing against EADS... Then in September 2008 DefSec Gates canceled the RFP, punting the decision to the new administration (see the September 18th entry Ouch!) Well, testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee DefSec Gates, yup the same one, said that the RFP process would recommence in spring leading to a contract award in early 2010. The circus will be back!

2. "A new report from the Noblis Center for Health Innovation has found that hospitals and health systems across the United States are cutting back on both capital spending and unprofitable healthcare services as a result of the economic crisis..., " see Profitability a Concern But Hospitals Expect Increased Utilization in 2009.

3. An issue with Twitter, from December 28th, noted that Twitter and many of the apps in the Twitterverse had a poor security model. Well they are apparently working on this, see Why Twitter's New Security Solution Could Pave the Way to a Future Web of Mashups

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