Saturday, January 3, 2009

2012 science

OK, so the movie 2012 is set to debut in July. The trailer is sort of cool, but is there really enough water in the world to swamp the Himalayas (with a hundred peaks higher than 7,200 m i.e. 23,600 feet) or even, say, Lhasa at 12,000 feet above sea level?? Oh, and the ocean's fairly far away!

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  1. Yes, of course there is enough water in the world to swamp the Himalayas. A magnetic pole reversal triggered by the alignment of the Earth, our Sun, and the Black Hole at center of our Galaxy could change the face of the Earth in an instant.

    (((The Black Hole(s) is the center of all creation and electromagnetic manifestation)))... The sun filters this radiation...And, the mind/body (((consciousness))) is fueled by this transformed electromagnetic radiation spewing-out from the Black Hole...transmitted by our sun.

    2012 doesn't have to go down as an apocalypse, though. If the people of earth can learn to resonate with and through the earth and with and through the natural frequencies and cycles experienced in our particular living system - our solar system, we can create a protective magnetic field around the earth preventing such a catastrophe.

    This will take place in the realms beyond imagination and reality. In the brilliance of wild love.


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