Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pompous, vainglorious, puffed up?

In the September 25th entry, All about Smith Dodd, this blogger observed that the web site of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs seemed to be all about the chair Chris Dodd, almost to the exclusion of all the other committee members. Wondering if this was unusual or the norm this blogger checked out the home pages of all the Senate and House committees. Some of the Senate committee pages were truly bi-partisan and equally divided among the majority and the minority, while others were less even but still featured both. And then there was Dodd!

On the House side none of the committee pages featured the minority, but most did not exclusively feature the chair... However, a few were similar to Dodd, in that the committee web page appeared to be a pean to the wisdom of the chair, who made statements, reviewed legislation, protested decisions, urged action, passed bills, etc., etc., apparently all on their own without any help from the rest of their committee. The worst offenders were (as per the screen captures above; click for a larger picture) Berman (Foreign Affairs), Markey (Energy Independence & Global Warming), and Towns (Oversight & Government Reform). This blogger wonders what they are compensating for...

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