Sunday, August 4, 2019

Rinse and repeat - El Paso

April 2013's blog entry 'Anatomy of an Incident' listed the various stages that appear to routinely occur/play out after every mass shooting incident:

I. The Horror
II. The Coverage
III.  The Political Parade
IV. The Prohibition
V. The Search for a Hero
VI. The Search for a Reason
VII.  The Outpouring
VIII.  The Lionization
IX. The Debunking
X. Never Again!
XI. The Calls for Legislation
XII. Descent into Farce
XIII. The Fade-Out
XIV. The Next Horror

The recent outrages in El Paso and Dayton appear to be following the same well-worn 'script' although we have not yet reached the final stages (XII, XIII), as clearly demonstrated in the media and social media coverage:

Perhaps some day society will break out of this farcical cycle and things will actually change... This is devoutly to be hoped for!

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