Friday, August 16, 2019

Random charts - Medicare & PBMs

"What GAO Found: Medicare Part D plan sponsors used pharmacy benefit managers (PBM) to provide 74 percent of drug benefit management services and performed the remaining 26 percent of services themselves in 2016—the most recent year of data at the time of our analysis. Plan sponsors are private entities that operate drug plans; PBMs are organizations that help manage drug benefits. Rebates and other price concessions—discounts generally paid by manufacturers to Part D plan sponsors and PBMs after the sale of a drug at the pharmacy—grew faster than Part D expenditures from 2014 through 2016. Specifically, gross expenditures (the amount paid to pharmacies by plan sponsors, or by the PBM on the sponsor’s behalf, and by the beneficiary) increased 20 percent, to $145.1 billion. During this period, rebates and other price concessions increased 66 percent, to $29 billion—20 percent of 2016 gross expenditures. Consequently, net expenditures (gross expenditures less rebates and other price concessions) increased only 13 percent, to $116.1 billion..."

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