Sunday, August 28, 2011


Much ink has been spilled in reaction to the announcement that Steve Jobs is stepping down as Apple CEO (while remaining on its Board as Chairman) for health reasons. Encomiums galore. most very well deserved....

However, some seem to believe that Jobs and Apple were all things computing, apparently crediting them with pretty much everything technological... A small example: In cnet this blogger saw this article: Friday Poll: What was Steve Jobs' greatest hit? OK, so what's the problem... Well the intro to the poll went as follows:

"Steve Jobs stepped down as Apple CEO this week, prompting a flood of retrospectives about the legendary businessman who rewrote the rules of the game for entire industries.

Many waxed nostalgic over the brilliant arc of Jobs' career, which has been brought low by health problems. Heck, it even made me want to dig out my Apple IIc, my first computer, and see if it can still boot Beyond Castle Wolfenstein.

From the co-founding of Apple in 1976 to the launch of the iPad in 2010, Jobs redefined our relationship to technology by introducing innovative products that have become intuitive and indispensable everyday tools.
Who would have thought that people actually wanted to own computers? And carry them around in their pockets, no less?

Apart from Apple, his achievements include the acquisition of what became Pixar, as well as the object-oriented software development model that changed the OS landscape."

Umm, so the writer doesn't explicitly credit Jobs and Apple for 'pocket computers', but it does seem to imply something along those lines! Well, HP's 95lx was being sold and bought by many starting in 1991, well before Apple's August 1993 entry in the PDA field, the Newton, which also was not particularly 'pocket-able.' And while Apple did introduce the Newton, it was championed by John Sculley and introduced when Michael Spindler was CEO... in the non-Steve Jobs era! And Steve Jobs supposedly said that Apple would never introduce a PDA while he was in charge! Aah!

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