Saturday, August 20, 2011

Additional BB QR readers - XX

Another QR code reader available for the BB is the simply-named Barcode, by an outfit named mappau OG. Barcode both reads and generates QR codes, and on installation it gives you two icons (one for each functionality).

As always the QR code read capabilities are tested using the QR Code Quality Standards Test v1.02 On launch, the application immediately scans for the QR code (i.e. this is not a "take a picture and decode' style reader). Overall the program did a pretty good job reading/decoding QR codes, e.g. see below:

So now for generating QR codes... As mentioned before, you have a separate icon/program and a "Show Barcode' menu entry in your Calendar, Contacts, Maps, and Browser allows you to generate QR codes. You can also generate email, phone number, and free text bar codes...

The bottom line? A very capable QR code reader and generator. However, with the integration to the native applications "not quite there" (e.g. you can call a phone number QR code but not save it, an email QR code does not start the Messages application - even if it does allow you to save the address to the Clipboard, etc.), and some 'missing' features (e.g. no history saved...), Barcode just falls short of the top tier...

Note: Tested on my current BB, a Torch.

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