Sunday, March 16, 2008

Misc Inanities & Stupidities

Linking to the exact same story The Drudge Report had the headline "Hospital to fire workers in Spears case" while The Huffington Post had "Britney Spears Gets Hospital Workers Fired." Drudge-1, HuffPo-0

According to "Cyber Weapons and E-Bombs" making an EMP weapon would be easy, costing "... between $500 and $1,000..." and requiring only "... basic wiring and mechanical skills...", while "... multiple websites had fairly detailed design plans..." Oh, come on.. If it is that easy then these attacks would have happened by now.

Reading this article on an incident in Warren County during the 2004 elections “Story behind the 2004 lockdown” the reason given for closing the count is patently nonsensical. So, al-Qaida was plotting and there was a risk that “al-Qaida might attempt terrorist attacks on polling places.” Well, duh, presumably this would be to a) cause mass casualties among the masses of people lined up to vote, and/or, b) influence the vote by depressing turnout or by influencing how folks voted. Waiting until after the polls closed to attack the members of the local board of elections… nah! Priceless...

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