Friday, July 6, 2018

Some more Gemini...

Planet Computers just released its agenda app... I downloaded it, along with the related Planet Sync Service app. Set it up, added a widget...

Verdict: It's ok, but then again, I'm not an ex-Psion user (I used a HP200lx before moving to the Sharp Zaurus) pining for the old days! In regards to appearance, you only have choices of light and dark themes and they both aren't that easy to read. I ended up choosing the dark theme and setting 'Show background image' to 'No image.'

Interestingly enough, in the preferences you can set your default view to Agenda; however, when you are in the app and you want to switch views the only choices are Anniversary, To Do Lists, Year Planner, Month, Week, and Day i.e. once you navigate away from Agenda it no longer is a view choice!

All was well until I started to get fairly regular "Agenda keeps stopping" messages. Not a big deal for me as I didn't see a value to switching away from my current setup.

I then tried out the camera's video...

OK, the stabilization isn't that great... Hopefully, moving ahead that can be addressed with a software update!

Next I downloaded DeskDock and sprung for the Pro version, to connect my Gemini to my desktop via the USB cable and then use my desktop mouse and keyboard on the Gemini...


Note: I've been trying to use synergy to do the same for when booted into Debian, but thus far have not managed to get it up and running...

And, finally, some speculation on the future evolution of the Gemini -  Gemini PDA could get a Wear OS powered second screen

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