Monday, May 14, 2018

Gemini - second look

Here's a second round of pictures and screen captures of the Gemini I received earlier this month!


And screen captures of the Android side of things (I have not yet set up the dual boot/linux side; I am waiting for folks to figure out and troubleshoot all that, so that I have an easy set of instructions to follow!) The following are screen captures (both landscape and portrait) of the desktop, browser, apps list, images, Uber, Canary, and the Gemini in split-screen mode:

Although you can carry the Gemini in your pocket "unprotected" I have looked and found a couple of cases that work for it... 



The top case is larger than the bottom case... and is a great fit for length and width, though it will handily accommodate something much thicker. The Gemini is 'looser' in the case.. The bottom case is an exact fit, in fact it initially takes a fair bit of effort to get the Gemini into (lengthwise) the case. However, I think the leather will slightly loosen with use over time; and overall the bottom case is nicer (leather vs. faux leather; also I'm not that keen on the red part). They are both the same price, and rather inexpensive.

That's it for now... more to come!

Earlier looks:
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