Friday, July 4, 2014

Gabriel - update

The June 30th 2008 blog entry 'Gabriel' noted the re-election of Robert Gabriel Mugabe, while commenting on the appropriateness of his middle name... Alas, he continues to preside over the destruction of his nation:

"... After blowing about £3 million on his daughter’s wedding earlier this month, Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe says he wants a pay rise.." (link).

"...  Robert Mugabe, the president of Zimbabwe, has warned that in future “no white person will be allowed to own land”..." (link)

It looks like he will stick around in power until he dies. Unfortunately that may still be a while:

"...I am made to feel youthful and as energetic as a boy of nine," a smiling Mr Mugabe told thousands of supporters at the party, held a few days after his birthday due to the Singapore trip..." (link).

"...Robert Mugabe, the Zimbabwean president, was given a one-ton, gold and diamond-studded stone "Royal throne" by his staff as a birthday present, state media reported. The chair, which is covered with leopard and crocodile skins, lion furs and two huge claws, was presented to Mr Mugabe at a party hosted by staff in the Office of the President and Cabinet at State House on Saturday, the day after his birthday. The chair is known as a Simbahwe in the local Shona language. It was carved from a solid block of stone and took three artists almost two years to create..." (link)

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