Friday, January 17, 2014

Great quotes - sycophancy

"...We’re not really concerned about you, Barack, but God forbid some other guy’s in the office five years from now and there’s another 9/11”

- Richard Clarke,  former White House counter-terrorism adviser, who served on President Obama's NSA review panel....

The article 'Obama’s Path From Critic to Overseer of Spying' traces the evolution (on the subject of security and surveillance) of Senator Obama to President Obama... 

Going by the quotes from close and trusted folks such as Axelrod and Plouffe it appears that all it took to move Obama's position 180 degrees was a bogus plot against him, "more information"(myriad threats in his daily intelligence briefings), and a strong element of CYA ("...On the other hand, Mr. Obama was acutely aware of the risks of being seen as handcuffing the security agencies. “Whatever reforms he makes, you can be sure if there’s another incident — and the odds are there will be in our history — there’ll be someone on CNN within seconds saying if the president hadn’t hamstrung the intelligence community, this wouldn’t have happened,” Mr. Axelrod said..."

Oh, and he also "... trusts himself to use these powers more than he did the Bush administration.” Clearly a man of deep conviction:


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