Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Confirmed! (Powell & torture)

Earlier blog entries (see below) had looked at Colin Powell related to the "Iraqi WMD" imbroglio and his knowledge re the use of 'enhanced interrogation tactics" (EITs, more commonly known as torture).

In the case of the first he acknowledge mistakes being made, but worked diligently over the years to transition from his initial 'I verified all the allegations myself' version to the current 'we need to ask the CIA and DIA why the source's unreliability wasn't identified before false information was put into my presentation to the UN'  Note especially the artful, and 3rd person, "put into."

On the torture issue Powell kept quiet while his aide Colonel Wilkerson stated multiple times that he had not been in the loop on EIT...This was first shown to be false by a Senate committee report. When asked re this Colin Powell had to resort to torturing the English language - stating that he didn't have "sufficient memory recall" about the meetings referenced; that he had participated in "… many meetings on how to deal with detainees…”; and that he was not "aware of anything that we discussed in any of those meetings that was not considered legal

Now with the CIA's former top lawyer John Rizzo speaking publicly about EIT we have further proof, were it really necessary, that Colin Powell was fully in the know. Colin Powell and Colonel Wilkerson confirmed as bald faced liars...

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