Friday, January 10, 2014

Great quotes - healthcare costs

"... What it costs you to keep your doors open and your lights on is not my concern..."

- An "unknown consumer" who wrote an open letter to healthcare providers. While much of what it says is sensible (examples include a need for transparency, better pricing, etc.), here is where it strays into the realms of fantasy. If recipients of healthcare services care about the prices of those services then they will need to care about what it cost the providers to operate. Why? Because that is what drives pricing, as even 'non-profits' have to cover these costs plus more (to be able to reinvest in the enterprise to keep buildings, equipment, staff, etc. current...). 

Any  consumer who expects to be billed at a rate that doesn't even cover the actual costs of operations either a) has no understanding how things work, or, b) possibly feels they are entitled to be subsidized by someone else!  Perhaps not surprising given how politicians and others have bandied about the word "free," as in all insurers have to include various "free" coverages (e.g. free primary care, free contraception, etc.)

Awesome? Perhaps another adjective would be more apt!

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