Sunday, September 11, 2011

Additional BB QR readers - XXII

Another QR scanner for the BB is the compactly-named QR Scan by B Gibbons. $0.99 On firing it up you get to a simple main screen with one option - 'Scan QR Code'. This application directly reads the QR code and does not take a photo... As always, I head over to the QR Code Quality Standards Test v1.02, screenshots of the results below:

The application certainly lives up to its billing as a "Simple QR Scanner." The Pros? It read every QR code I threw at it, even the pretty 'dense' vcard QR code. And what is more, it was the fastest to read of every application I have tried (almost 30 so far). The Cons? On reading the QR code your choices are limited to 'Open in Browser', 'Send in Email', 'Save to Memopad', and 'Copy to Clipboard' regardless of what type of QR code you have read, thus is not the most useful or easiest for mecard, vcard, sms, vevent, geo, etc. QR codes. It also does not keep track of codes read in any sort of history. Finally, the integration is not quite up to the level of the best such as Barcode Assistant.

The bottom line? It has some limitations, but given the read success rate and speed to decode, it's definitely a keeper!

Final note: Tested on a BB 9810 Torch II i.e. BB OS 7

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