Sunday, August 15, 2010

BB 9800 Torch second look

Enjoying the Torch so far... Nice and solid in the hand. So far two small annoyances, see below...

One (browser) annoyance so far - you can no longer use the space bar to 'page down' a web page... Why should this be an issue when you can use the touch pad to "scroll" down? Well, when you get to a web page and use the zoom in function it nicely re-formats the text to the screen width. However, then as you use the touch pad to go down the page it is very easy to get off track due to the 'floating' margins e.g. see below. Using the space bar would probably have avoided this. Also, if you zoom in more than once the text does not re-format itself to the screen width...

A second issue... Not all programs work with OS 6.0 So far out of luck with SocialScope (though UberTwitter works like a champ!), Viigo, and Pandora. ScanLife did not have a Torch version, though the generic all-purpose version appears to work.

BB 9800 Torch first look

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